Quick And Easy Notary Services With EZ Money

Notary services are serious business. If you are in need of a local Cedar Rapids, IA notary, you are managing an essential document that requires additional measures to guarantee a person's identity. This avoids misrepresentation and is frequently required for:

  • Legal documents
  • Medical documents
  • Power-of-attorney documents
  • Wills, deeds, and trusts

Rely On Us For Your Notary Services 

Here at EZ Money in Cedar Rapids, the vast majority of our stores have a notary on staff. It is crucial to take note of the individual signing the document must be seen by the notary, so we ask that you do not sign your report before you arrive. You will likewise need to provide legitimate recognizable proof of identification.

EZ Money Is Quick And Convenient 

At EZ Money we understand that seeing a notary is another job on your chore list. That is why we make it our objective to enable you to get this task off your to-do list quickly. If you need to see a notary, EZ Money can take care of you. For further information about our notary services, call us today! 

Fast, Friendly Service - Stop By Today for Your Notary Signature!